Styling for Fashion, Image and Media Distance Course


Fashion Styling is now a popularised and emerging career path within the Australian and global fashion industry. A Fashion Stylist typically sources and organises outfits and accessories for a diversity of clients. However, there is much more to a career in Fashion Styling than being able to put together an outfit...

Stylists require a wide range of contemporary skills including strong organisational, communication and networking skills, have a creative flair and eye for design and must stay up to date with the current fashion trends. Fashion Stylists generally work freelance, although Stylists can be employed by fashion labels, shopping centres, retail stores, publishing companies, model and advertising agencies, event management companies, just to name a few.

Stylists may work in the following fields:

Editorial Styling - styling looks and images for media publications such as fashion magazines, online magazines, blogs, social media etc.

Commercial Styling - styling looks for advertising and marketing purposes for fashion and non-fashion orientated clients.

Personal Styling & Image Consulting - providing advice for personal clients on how to improve their look.

Personal Shopping - selecting correct style, colours, tailoring of clothes and accessories for a client to meet their objectives.

Corporate Styling – assist corporate or business organisations in advising employees on work attire, accessories, grooming and hair and makeup.

Retail Fashion Styling – Similar to personal shopping however is executed within one fashion boutique. You are hired by the boutique or label to assist customers to find their right styles within the shops’ confinements.

Visual Merchandising – creating visual appealing and unique merchandising displays for boutiques or labels to encourage sales.

Celebrity Styling – sourcing ‘runway ready’ looks or day to day wear for public figures.

Runway Styling – assist designers in styling fashion parades, source accessories, shoes, garments etc.

Music Videos and Concert Performances – selecting items of clothing and accessories that relate to the artists’ personality and objective.

Movie and TV Styling – Sourcing, customising or creating items of clothing to be worn on TV and movie sets. Creation of a characters’ style or sourcing according to the characters’ personality to convey their attitude.

Costume Styling – assisting designers if applicable with advice on costume design and styling for small to large-scale productions.

Interior Styling – styling home wares and interior furnishing for magazines, catalogues, interior orientated stores and corporate businesses.

Food Styling – styling food orientated shoots for restaurants, chefs, magazines, cookbooks etc. Sourcing appropriate home wares.

What You Will Receive:

We have developed the course so that it is suitable for visual learners - as most creative students learn best through visual learning methods. This course has been developed to be more than just a collection of written manuals and assignments. You will receive a Series of Tutorials to take you through the subjects you are studying. Each tutorial is colourful and exciting with pictures so that you will enjoy the learning process.

fashion paradesStudy at Your Own Pace:

The course has been designed so that students may complete the course in their own time, at a pace suitable for them. You may take up to two years to complete the course or finish in as little as 12 months. This gives students the flexibility to study when it is convenient for them, without having to adjust their lives around attending classes.


Course Fees

Full Course Cost (Payment Plan): $1,950.00
  • Non-Refundable Enrolment Fee: $400.00
  • Balance paid over 24 weeks: $64.583333/week over 24 weeks.

* Extra postage charges apply for postage outside of Australia. Please contact us by email to find out the postage costs to your country.

Please note: as this is a self paced course students will not be eligible for Centerlink payments for studying.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment:

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How do I Enrol?

You can start anytime, so enrol now to get started! Please allow at least two weeks for receipt of your first tutorial for postage within Australia.

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